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Would Your Dog Benefit from an Invisible Fence? (+ BONUS AMAZON GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!!)

Monday, May 18, 2015 Comments

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Invisible dog fences are versatile and reliable methods of containment that can be used in just about any yard. Some dogs, however, benefit more from invisible fences than others. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, an invisible dog fence might be worth looking into.

Is Your Dog an Escape Artist?
If keeping your dog in your yard is a challenge, an invisible fence is an option you might want to explore. Invisible dog fences are particularly effective for the most stubborn dogs, because they use both warning beeps and then mild corrective shocks to deter dogs from approaching their boundaries. With traditional fences, dogs are able to dig underneath, jump over, or wriggle through, because nothing prevents them from spending whatever time and effort it takes to get free. An electronic dog fence can effectively contain the stealthiest escape artists.

Is Your Dog Aggressive?
An aggressive dog can be a liability if they get out of your yard - they can also be a danger if a child or animal wanders into your yard. For these reasons, one type of fence may not be enough to mitigate the risk that comes with owning an aggressive dog. If you have a traditional fence already, it’s a smart move to add an underground dog fence as another layer of protection. A traditional fence will stop people and most animals from entering your yard, and an invisible fence will help ensure your dog doesn’t find a way out. For aggressive dogs, a PetSafe YardMax Stubborn Dog e-collar is recommended, because it uses a higher level of correction.

Is Your Dog in Good Health?
Dogs must be in good overall health to use an invisible dog fence. E-collars are not recommended for use on dogs that are infirm or pregnant. After pregnancy, or after your dog has recovered from an illness, e-collars can be used. However, dogs with chronic illnesses that significantly impact their mental or physical health shouldn’t be trained on an invisible fence. An electric dog fence is fine to use on all dogs that are healthy and older than six months.

Is Your Dog Mischievous?
Some dogs are so playful and curious that they simply can’t stop themselves from getting into mischief. Dogs who love to dig, for example, can tear up gardens and flower beds. If you have chickens or other animals on your property, your dog may not be able to resist chasing after them. An invisible fence or a wireless dog fence is an excellent tool for keeping dogs in their own zone and preventing them from wreaking havoc in other, more orderly parts of your property.

Do You Have Hazards on Your Property?
Keeping your dog safe is your primary concern, and sometimes it’s necessary to protect them from dangers that are on your property, as well as beyond. If you operate a farm, for example, you may have hazardous machinery or chemicals stored on your property. Some people have wells, ponds, or other bodies or water on their land. If you want to keep your dog away from these hazards, an invisible dog fence is an easy and effective way to do it. Electronic dog fences will allow you to designate exclusion zones, which are areas within your yard that your dog cannot access. This will give you peace of mind that your dog can roam your property without accidentally wandering in danger.

Does Your Dog Exhibit Bad Behaviors?
If your dog exhibits bad behaviors or habits that you’re having trouble breaking, an electric dog fence might help in that regard, too. Some e-collars for invisible fences also have remote training capabilities. They come with a wireless remote that allows you to deliver a mild, corrective static shock to your dog’s e-collar anytime they are engaging in the behavior you want to stop. This helps the dog learn to avoid that behavior. At the same time, the dogs that do best with invisible fences are those that are receptive to training. Proper, consistent training is absolutely essential for using an invisible dog fence.

When searching for an electronic dog fence for your property, invisible fence reviews and customer reviews can be very helpful in comparing systems. Many systems have different features and specifications, and it’s important to select the right system and e-collar for your yard and dog.

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Does your farm need some new friends?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Comments

Does your farm need some more friends? Heartland Farm Sanctuary recently rescued 126 chickens from a cockfighting ring in Glenwood City, WI. Now it's time to find loving homes for these beautiful birds! Pictured is Malcolm, a young Kelso rooster who loves people. If you're interested in Malcolm or any of the other adoptable birds, contact . Make sure you follow Heartland's Facebook page, as they will be posting info every Friday about other adoptable birds from the "Cluck Club".
If a pig or sheep more strike your fancy, check here: There are some special barnyard friends waiting for a new home--could it be yours?

Boarding Kennels For Pets

Friday, April 4, 2014 Comments

Have you ever gone out of town and needed somewhere for your pet to stay? A boarding kennel is an ideal location as it provides a safe environment as well as the interaction with other pets and people. You can also take your pet to a boarding kennel during the day if you don’t want to leave it at home while you work. These locations are also good for those who want their pets to be trained to listen to commands.

Many of the boarding kennels are more like hotels for animals like dogs and cats than they are kennels. There are accommodations like comfortable beds and pools so that your pet is in the best possible place while you are gone. Some facilities also have parlors where pets can get a good bath, their hair clipped or nails clipped and painted. Yards are usually fenced in so that the animals don’t get in the road. Quality dog food is given as well as plenty of water. There is room to play with toys and other animals in the facility. Staff members try to answer as many questions as possible so that pet owners feel safe leaving their animals at the facility. This website, as well as others, can answer many questions that you might have.

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