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Targeting: The U.S. House
Started by: Stephanie Feldstein

To some people, a tax deduction for pet care may not seem very important compared to many of the other issues our federal government is dealing with these days. But for 71.4 million American households that own pets, and for the 3-4 million animals euthanized in shelters each year, it's a question of life and death.

Our struggling economy has seen a spike in animals being relinquished to shelters when owners can no longer afford their care. Veterinary offices, like most other businesses, have also seen a drop in client visits, which means that many animals may not be getting the care they need. If people knew the money they spent on their pets could be coming back to them at the end of the year, it might help them keep their four-legged family members, and to keep up with their care. A pet care tax deduction could save pets' lives and reduce the societal costs of sheltering homeless animals.

Don't let the HAPPY Act (Humanity and Pets Partnership through the Years) fall off Congress' agenda - write your representative today!

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