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These are my two adorable rabbits, Bunny and Sparky. Bunny is a New Zealand red who I purchased from a breeder. He broke her ear when he snatched her out of her cage, but that has not quelled her sassy personality. Sparky, a Rex, was adopted from the Humane Society, and he has been Bunny's personal groomer and worshipper for several years

Izzy is a mix of lab, hound, and boxer. She had been at the Humane Society twice when we adopted her, and she is never going back. Izzy loves going for walks, no matter how cold, snowy, or windy the conditions. She also loves attention, and will paw at us incessantly until she gets our undivided attention.

Congratulations to Nicole H. and her pets from Janesville, WI! Would you like your pet featured as Pet of the Week? Read entry instructions here.

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