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Looking for something fun and different to do with your sweety or your best friends this Valentine's Day? Then come out and support the Mad Rollin' Dolls, Madison's very own female roller derby league, while they raise money to benefit the Dane County Humane Society! Mad About Pets is happy to bring you this exclusive interview with MRD skater Allie Gator:

(Seen above with star on helmet is MRD skater Allie Gator.)

So who are the Mad Rollin’ Dolls?

The Mad Rollin Dolls are one of the original leagues that started up in 2004 with the modern resurgence of roller derby. Roller Derby has come a long way from the staged fights of the 60s, everything is real. It is now a full-fledged sport that boasts over 400 leagues in the nation and there are leagues all over the world.

MRD has four home teams: The Quad Squad, The Reservoir Dolls, The Unholy Rollers and the Vaudeville Vixens. We also have two travel teams, The Dairyland Dolls and Team Unicorn, that are made up of members from all four home teams.

You can find a handy-dancy video explaining the rules here. Want to learn more about the game, the gear, read the rules for yourself and more? Visit the Mad Rollin Doll’s page or the WFTDA page, that’s short for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

What kinds of people would you find at a derby bout?

You could find anyone at a bout. We have skaters who are mothers, law students, chemists, government workers, yoga instructors… you name it, there’s probably a derby girl out there somewhere who does it.

The same goes for fans. We pride ourselves on having an open and welcoming environment at our bouts. Sit down at a bout and on your left you may have a family with their kids and on your right you could have a group of college students.

(Photo left: Allie Gator with her Siamese cat Aku)
I see that the February 14th bout is going to benefit the Dane County Humane Society. Can you tell me a little about MRD’s charitable giving?
One of MRD’s original goals is to give back to the community. We take part in fundraisers like the Polar Plunge (Visit our team page and donate!), volunteer our time at local events and we also donate a portion of our ticket sales to local charities. Proceeds from our upcoming bout on Sunday Feb 14th will be going to the Dane County Humane Society. Being an animal lover and pet owner I’ve really appreciated all the useful information the DCHS website has and the services they provide to the community.
Where are tickets available?
Ticket for the Sunday, Valentine’s Day Bout are available for purchase ahead of time online and also at some of our lovely local sponsors (Capitol City Tattoo, Cha Cha Barber and Beauty, Freedom Skate Shop, High Noon Saloon, Hoi Polloi, Lakeside Press). You can also buy tickets at the door. Kids age 4-10 are half price, under 4? Free! Want to bring a group? We’re totally into group ticket sales, just look for the link on our site.

Doors Open at 12/noon, Action starts at 1pm. You totally have time for a lovely Valentine’s Day brunch before the bout or a romantic dinner afterwards. No Valentine’s Day plans after the bout? Come to the after party just down the road at the Badger Bowl and hang with the skaters!

(Photo right: Allie Gator with her Siamese cat Orval)

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