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By: Sujan

Feeding natural organic pet food to your dog can create a more expensive food bill than feeding your dog a store brand. However, the extra expense is worthwhile when you consider the many benefits that your dog will receive. Organic pet food is often far superior in terms of nutrition and food content when compared with non-organic pet foods. You will quickly find that the health benefits that your pet will receive far outweigh the costs involved. Here, we review the top 5 benefits of feeding natural organic pet food to your dog.

1. Less Allergies and Skin Ailments
Pets that have sensitive skin or food allergies usually do very well when placed on organic food. This could be due to the lack of preservatives and artificial ingredients in the food. These extra ingredients may have contributed to the skin problems or food allergies that your pet suffered from in the past. Without them, your dog's body will be allowed to heal naturally.

2. Healthy Weight Maintenance

Organic pet food doesn't contain any fillers, additives or artificial ingredients. It is pure food with a high nutritional content. Because the nutrients are concentrated, your dog will consume less food and eat only what they need to stay healthy and satiated. Eating only what is required will help ensure that your dog is able to maintain a healthy weight easily and will help reduce the risk of obesity.

3. Better Overall Health Condition

When your pet consumes high quality organic food, only valuable nutrition is absorbed into the animal's body. High quality organic food contains natural vitamins and minerals to help improve your pet's health and boost their immunity. Better overall health and an excellent immune system can help protect your dog against future illnesses.

4. Higher Energy Levels

The canine body needs the best fuel possible to be able to operate and function in top condition. If your dog is fed a low quality brand of food, the body will have to digest useless bulk before it can draw useful energy from the food. With organic dog food, the excess bulk is eliminated and the dog only eats valuable nutrients. It's almost like fueling a vehicle with premium gasoline and enjoying the resulting better performance.

5. Longer Longevity
Our dogs are our companions for a very limited period of time. Making sure that your dog eats healthy by providing the best quality organic food possible will not only improve your dog's overall health condition, but it can help your dog live longer. Feeding nutrient rich pet food in order to increase your dog's longevity will help make sure that your four legged friend is around to enjoy for as long as possible.

With all of the health benefits or organic dog food, it seems odd to feed your dog anything else. There are several types of natural organic pet food available in pet food stores or your veterinarian's office. If your pet does not like the first brand that you bring home, you should try experimenting with a different brand until you find one that your pet truly enjoys. Ensuring that your pet eats a healthy, balanced diet is your responsibility as a pet owner. Finding a high quality food that your dog loves makes your job all the more enjoyable.

Sujan has been blogging about health care and personal finance for 3 years.  He also contributes to various blogs that deal with where to find savings online and online insurance quotes. 

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