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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking for something fun to do on this gloomy Tuesday? Here is a list of fun quizzes related to pets and animal quizzes I've come across over the years. These aren't scientific, of course...just fun. Enjoy!

*Animal Planet Dog Breed Selector- Use the search tool to find the best breed for you!
*Animal Planet Cat Breed Selector- Use the search tool to find the best cat for you!
*Animal Planet: Quiz Central- A whole slew of different animal quizzes
*How well do you know your dog?- A quiz about basic canine behavior
*Test Your Knowledge of Cats- Some challenging cat questions
*What totem animal are you?- Find out which Native American totem animal suits you.
*Rabbit Care Quiz- A quiz about rabbit care and health.
*African Pygmy Hedgehog Quiz- Do you know hedgies?
*Chinchilla Lovers Quiz- Easy for experts, difficult for noobz.
*Ratty Corner Rat Quiz- Test your knowledge of the domestic rat.
*Guinea Pig Quiz- Basic cavy care and knowledge test.
*Animal Planet Pet Picker- Which type of pet is best for your family?

Feel free to comment with your favorite pet and animal quizzes!

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