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DCHS Felines need YOUR help!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food-releasing toys are best known for dogs, but did you know cats can also benefit from them?  High-energy, overweight, and many other kitties could use this extra enrichment during their stay at the shelter.

Dane County Humane Society is looking for around 30 food toys for their fun-loving felines. Please consider donating one today!

These food toys can be ordered online as well as picked up at any Mounds location. Please see the links below to view the specific products the humane society is looking for:

These toys and dishes are between $5 and $20 depending which one you choose, so it's really an inexpensive way to help the kitties at DCHS.

You can drop off your donation at any DCHS location, or ship it (if ordered online) to the main location at Dane County Humane Society, 5132 Voges Rd, Madison WI 53718.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Kelton at akelton@giveshelter.org

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