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Ever found yourself wondering what to give as a present to a member of your family or a special friend that is obsessed with animals? Wonder no more because here are six unusual gift ideas available from companies like Wish that’ll give you some much-needed inspiration!

Adopt an Animal

Photo Credit: WWF
Do your bit to help out an endangered species by adopting or sponsoring an animal of your choice. There are a whole range of different animals available, from a brown bear to an elephant, a dolphin to a penguin and a tiger to a turtle and your money will be well received by animal charities that are doing what they can to help preserve and protect a variety of species.

Bee Kind to Somebody in Need
Photo credit: Oxfam America Unwrapped
Animal gift ideas don’t come much more unusual than the ones available through Oxfam America. For example, a donation of $18 will give rural farmers in some of the poorest countries in the world the means to make and sell their own honey, which is fair trade. These are life-changing presents with a difference.

Book a Pet Photo-Shoot
Photo credit: Wish
More and more people are having a photo-shoot done with their pets and it’s a great way of creating a series of special pictures that capture the close bond that exists between animals and humans. These images become even more poignant over time and can act as a perfect keepsake for years to come.

Enjoy a Birds of Prey Experience

Photo credit: Wish
One of the best hands-on approaches to getting up close and personal with a few prominent members of the animal kingdom is to have a birds of prey experience, which is extremely exhilarating. Learn about all manner of different birds and what makes them such wonderful creatures and then put on a protective glove and witness them in flight.

Go Whale Watching

Photo credit: Alesail
Observing whales – or any big aquatic creature for that matter – in their natural environment is something very unique. Take to the water and watch the giants of the sea in all their glory or even get into the water and swim amongst them if you’re particularly fortunate. Either way, you’re guaranteed to be blown away by the sheer size and splendour of these magnificent animals.

Shadow a Zookeeper

Photo credit: Jon Ross
Zoos and safari parks have a vital role to play in conservation and educating members of the public of the plight of rare species. Shadowing a keeper will give you a fascinating insight into what must be an incredibly rewarding job. Find out what it takes to be a zoo keeper and how they go about keeping so many different animals safe and secure.

This article was provided by Wish.co.uk – providers of the best experiences that can be found anywhere and everywhere in the UK. From driving days to pet photography, Wish have just about everything.

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