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Guest Post: Just what is a Pet Psychic?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pet psychics have come to be more than just another source for entertainment value on television and in movies, and have in fact reached a point where they are easily accessible to the average pet owner for communication purposes with your furry friend (or otherwise) of the household. These gifted individuals assist in meeting the unspoken needs between a human owner and their animal counterpart. Let’s take a look at a few reasons you may want to take a leap of faith with a pet psychic:

The idea of a pet psychic may seem far-fetched to some, but pet psychics
can successfully help pet owners with many behavioral issues, health issues, etc.
Image credit: tvrage.com

1. Obtaining relevant knowledge pertaining to recent pet behaviors. Consider your pet psychic the public relations pro for animal whispering. Pet psychics are trained to be able to speak with animals through mental images and with the tactful intention of drawing out information about your pet’s recent behaviors. This can be helpful for both practical purposes (i.e. your cat has been clawing at your couch more than usual), or long-term relationship purposes (i.e. your dog snaps when you come near). Negotiations between a pet psychic and the animal are timely and effective in part because a psychic is not required to see the animal in person. Following a brief visual description, a pet psychic is able to talk to the animal via phone.

2. Understanding your pet’s health issues. Having a solid grip on what your pet is feeling is often very difficult for pet owners. For the empathetic pet owner, this can be an incredibly frustrating lack of knowledge; a veterinarian can tell you what health issues a pet may have, but he/she cannot tell you exactly what they feel. A pet psychic offers a direct line of communication that can lead to a better understanding of what pain an animal may be feeling, and recommendations on what can be done about it. This is especially useful in the case of pets that have a terminal disease and may wish to experience an end to their suffering.

3. Relocating a missing pet. Not knowing the whereabouts or the fate of a missing pet can be stressful and even devastating; a pet psychic can help locate how many miles away an animal is or draw out a description of their location through a simple phone session.

4. Easing the pain of grief. Some pet psychics specialize in communicating with animals that have already passed, easing the grieving process for mourning pet owners. Understanding what a pet experienced in its last moments and accomplishing mind-easing closure can be priceless for the weary of heart.

The most important takeaway is that pet psychics are able to get us more in touch with our animal loved ones. Any owner will know that if you truly love your pet, you will do anything to work through an issue. If your animal’s problem is more complex than something barking a few commands can fix, a pet psychic may be the right path for you.

This post was written by Psychic Source, an online psychic network where you can find anything from a clairvoyant who can read your senses just be talking to you, or a tarot reader who can provide an enlightening tarot reading.

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