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There are various possibilities for photo printing, and since the digital age it's become increasingly simple and cheap to decorate both home and office space with photos that mean something to you.

There is something about animal pictures that warm our hearts and make us smile, whether it’s your own pet or a random photo of a cat with a funny caption! You needn't be a specialist photographer to take quality pictures of your four-legged friends either. Follow these straightforward tips and anyone can achieve great results.

Photo Credit: macwallpapers.eu
For the best possible photos, your pet ought to be looking great already. There is not any camera on the market that will perform magic, and much like a calculator; a camera is only as good as the person pressing the buttons. Taking a picture of your pet with a dull, dirty-looking coat will appear the same in print form as it does in the viewfinder. Put the maximum amount of care into the appearance of your pet as you would for yourself if you were having your own photo taken. The perfect time to snap away is immediately after a professional grooming session.

Even if you are looking for an everyday casual photo of your pet, you should still take the time to carry out some simple grooming. Brushing by itself makes a huge improvement to the way an animal looks. Your pet will appreciate the attention too! Don't be surprised if the photos you take show a more relaxed side to Fido or Fluffy!

Contrary to what many people believe, it's not tough to get your pet to stay still for a photo shoot. I've developed a proven method through the years. It works like nobody’s business for me and can work for you too!

Once the grooming is out of the way, feed your pet. Most animals are ready to nap after filling their bellies. If it isn't meal time or your pet isn't hungry, spend some time having active fun with your pet instead. The whole purpose here is to promote relaxation. When your pet is all wound down, give a gentle massage from head to tail. Trust me on this one. How do you feel right after a good workout and massage? Relaxed and tired? Exactly!

Photo credit: pet-portraitartist.com
Now that your pet is relaxed and won't want to go anywhere, take care of any final brushing or grooming needs and click away. You'll be blown away at how much cooperation you'll get using this technique. Using voice and motion, encourage your pet to look directly into the camera, slightly off to the side or with their head turned for a side-profile picture. Experiment with lights and props for atmosphere and the general feel of the photo too if you fancy pushing for further professionalism.

And finally, when your pet becomes uninterested and drifts off to sleep, carry on and get some final shots. There is something very adorable about a pet slumbering away comfortably with one leg covered over their favorite toy or their nose nuzzled into a soft blanket!

You're going to be so happy with the results using these tips that you'll most likely take the opportunity to shoot more quality portrait photographs whenever the chance arises!

Whether sitting in special frames on your desk or enlarged into attention-grabbing wall posters, your pet photos are going to drag smiles out of everyone. And the best thing is there are so many options for printing you'll never run out of new ideas!

Mary Dean is an animal lover who has developed various photography skills since marrying her professional photographer husband Gary 6 years ago.

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