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Basic Tips on Taking Care of Your Horse

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All those who love horses and own few of them, should indeed take responsibility for taking care of their animals and provide all basic needs and some loving care. In fact, even before getting a horse, it is important to ensure whether one has capability to take care of them. This is necessary for ensuring best performance from them. 

Photo credit: horses.about.com
Here are a few tips that can help horse owners in taking care of their horse:

1. Grooming the horse- Good grooming is very important and helps in keeping the animal clean and comfortable. This can be achieved with the help of grooming tools and materials. However, before grooming, it is important to tie the horse in a proper way at a safe place.

2. It is important to ensure constant and fresh supply of water to the horses. Ample supply of fresh water in the stable or barn ensures that they have adequate water supply to quench their thirst anytime during the day.

3. Horse should be housed in a clean stable. While putting up a horse shelter, it is necessary to provide a clean straw bedding to enable him to rest in a comfortable way. Horse stable should be cleaned daily especially if horse is stabled for most of the time during the day.

Caring for horses also means that they should be provided with the right bedding. Aside from that it is important that they do not stand the entire day, as they need some rest. It is best to provide some straw on the barn or on the stable of horses to provide some bedding to the animal to enable them to lie with ease. Straw offers comfortable and warm bedding for the horses, but all soiled straw should be replaced to prevent the outbreak of fungal infections and various other organism that may cause the diseases in the animal.

4. Regular check up of horse by a vet is very important. Therefore, visit to the vet should be scheduled on regular basis as this will also help in detecting any health issues early.

5. Horses need lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, sufficient space should be provided to them to move and run around. In fact, owners should ride them frequently.

Photo credit: spottedfeverfarm.com
6. Horse’s teeth should also be checked on regular basis to maintain a healthy animal. It is best to schedule a yearly visit to an equine dentist to ensure their dental health.

7. Deworming the horse- Proper deworming is essential for keeping the horse healthy and fit. Horses should be dewormed at least once every five weeks. However, it is best to consult a good veterinarian to ensure the use of right dewormer.

8. Provide a wider space for grazing- Animals need sufficient space for grazing. If interested in raising lot of them, sufficient space should be the primary consideration. It is necessary to ensure that pasture is free from any holes as they can injure horses.

These are just few grooming tips that should be kept in mind while raising horses. This will not only help in maintaining their health, but will also help owners in raising more animals in the future.

Hayley works for Anything Equine, an equestrian clothing store that provides helpful advice and tips to beginner riders. Her years of experience have helped Hayley gain lots of knowledge about equestrian products and especially professional riding boots. 

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