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When you think of “rescue cats”, what comes to mind? Probably a tabby cat, or perhaps an orange tomcat. It is true that the majority of cats in shelters and rescue are mixed breed, but once in a while a purebred cat will find itself without a forever home, too. That’s where Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue comes in!

Many of the cats at SPCR arrive neglected and in desperate
need of veterinary care
Many purebred cats do not adjust well in a shelter environment. Sensitive breeds like Siamese and Sphynx can become very ill, very quickly when placed in a stressful shelter situation. Purebred cats like Persians and Himalayans have rigorous grooming requirements, and often arrive with painful mats in their long coats. Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue takes in these special purebred cats, provides the proper veterinary care, and matches them up with new forever homes.

SPCR is an all volunteer group, and relies on the generosity of foster homes to provide shelter, care, socialization, and even nurse neglected or abused cats back to health. The number of purebred cats needing help is far greater than you might expect, and Purebred Cat Rescue is desperately seeking more foster homes.

Kirsten Kranz,  Rescue Director of Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, was kind enough to grant Mad About Pets an interview outlining the need for foster homes within their organization. Please read on to learn more about this wonderful rescue group!

(Mad About Pets) Where do the cats in your rescue organization generally come from?

(SPCR) Our cats come from everywhere. They come from shelters all over the midwest that call us to take their cats. They come from owners who can no longer keep them. They come off the streets when people find them. It's pretty much never-ending.

Siamese cats are one of the common breeds SPCR takes in
What are the most common types of cats seen in your rescue?

We most commonly see Siamese, Persians, Himlayans and Ragdolls. These are the most common purebreds out there and the most being bred. We place more than 500 cats a year.

What exactly is a foster home, and what are foster parents expected to do?

A foster home provides a safe haven for these cats to de-stress, get better and receive any vet attention they need so they can move on to their Forever Homes. Our rescue is entirely foster-based so we rely on our foster homes to care for and evaluate these cats for placement. Foster parents are expected to provide a quiet, spare room and consistent care for the cats in their care. They need to be able to take them to one of our vets as needed, assess the cats' needs and personalities and work closely with us throughout the process. Cats are adopted by screened and pre-approved adopters from the foster parents' homes or from local Petsmart stores.

Why are foster homes so important to Purebred Cat Rescue?

We are entirely foster based. Without foster homes this rescue would not exist!

SPCR takes in rare and unusual breeds, too!
Are there certain areas/cities where you are in the most need of new foster homes right now?

The Madison and Milwaukee areas certainly need more foster homes as the need is very great. We could also use fosters in the Racine/Kenosha area.

How can Mad About Pets’ readers get more information about becoming a foster home for your organization?

Please go to our website at http://www.purebredcatrescue.org/fostering-info . We have a fostering information page there.

If you are interested in helping out Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, there are many ways! First, please consider fostering. This is the most direct way you can help. If you’re looking for a new feline friend, you should also consider adoption from SPCR! There are constantly new cats listed on the website, and all of them are looking for a great new home.

If you’re unable to foster or adopt at this time, there are many other ways to assist SPCR on their mission. Check out this page to learn all about items the rescue needs to care for the cats, donating through iGive, and many more ways to help out!

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