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Happy Dogz Daycare

Thursday, July 30, 2009

With locations in both Fitchburg and Middleton, Happy Dogz Daycare is an established business serving the greater Madison area with doggy daycare, recreation and care services for nine years and counting. Owner Joel Hinsey was happy to discuss Happy Dogz with Mad About Pets:

What animal(s) does your business cater to, and what kinds of products/services do you offer?

We cater to canines. We offer daycare and light grooming (baths, ears, nails, teeth) and Dog's Best Friend offers training classes at each of our locations.

What made you decide to start up your business (how did your business come about?)
My wife and I are dog lovers and saw the need for dog daycare on the West Side of Madison. We did a lot of research, consulted with some trainers and other existing dog daycares and opened our 1st location in May of 2000.

Please describe your facility or accommodations, and any special training or accolades you/your staff possess.
Our locations have 5000 square feet of indoor play space that is heated and air conditioned. We have a variety of toys and activities including bubble machines, kongs, agility equipment, play equipment and swimming pools for the dogs to enjoy! Our staff is trained in dog play behavior and pet first aid.

How are you different from other animal boarding/sitting services in the Madison area?

What sets us apart is our staff and our focus. Many of my staff have worked for us longer than most of the other dog daycares have been in business. We have over 120 satisfied customers bringing their beloved dogs to Happy Dogz (between both locations) daily and many of my staff have been serving those people for years and years. Anyone who brings their dogs to us know that our staff loves and cares personally for every dog that comes through the doors.

The other thing that makes us different is the fact that we focus on daycare. We are not a kennel or a training company. We do not offer hair cuts or vet services. We do daycare and we do it well. All the dogs at Happy Dogz are there for the day. They are not stressed from being away from their owners for an extended period of time or because they just got their shots at the vet clinic. They know when they come to Happy Dogz they are there for one reason: to come in for the day and play with other dogs in a safe and fun environment!

How can customers contact you for more information or with questions?
If customers want to contact us they can check out our website, email me personally at joel@happyz.com or call our locations: Fitchburg at 608-278-8563 or Middleton at 608-831-1283.

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