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Modern Designs for the Refined Feline

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gone are the days of tacky, circus-colored cat trees and floral beds. No longer do owners have to hide the cat's kitty-condo in the hall closet when guests come over for a dinner party. Designers have recently come out with cat furniture, beds and scratchers to match even the most modern, minimalist decor (and please the most refined feline tastes.) Almost resembling modern art, these items are designed to please the eye and conceal their primary purpose: making cats comfortable. Enjoy these selections representing some of the best in kitty urban chic:

The Atmosphere Bed- This spherical bamboo bed "ergonomically contours the natural curled sleeping position of the cat." The fluffy, overfilled cushions feature a golden ribbon look which nicely compliments the dark stain.

Price: $89.99

Lotus Cat Tree- Symmetrical and minimalist, the Lotus cat tree is a "flowering" tower meant to accent modern decors. It is available in Espresso, Honey and Mahogany finishes. The finish is coated with polyurethane to resist scratches. The Lotus features a sisel-weave panel for scratching and a hideaway cubby for kitties to snooze (or hide a litterbox.) The design is suitable for multiple cats, as each ledge can support over 50 pounds. Despite the towering appearance, the Lotus is sturdy and will not tip over.

Price: $349.00

Modern Cat Contemporary Litter Holder- This clever design can be used to hide a litterbox or as a pet hideaway. All the wood used is covered in a high pressure laminate finish making cleanup easy in the event of spills. The metal parts are finished in classy chrome, including the adorable "C" accent.

Price: $202.46

Modern Critter Bent Scratcher- This clever scratcher can be configured hanging, leaning or laying depending on the cat's scratching preference and the decor. It comes standard with two FLOR Terra carpet tiles made of 34% corn-basedr renawable material. The neutral colors match any decor, making it a practical, beautiful, and eco-friendly scratcher.

Price: $309.00

Podium Pet Bed- Reminiscent of the classic "egg chair" design, the Podium Bed cradles kitties with a Sherpa fleede-lined interior. The durable steel frame can hold up to 50 pounds. The rounded "pod" is made of molded soft-touch foam covered in laminated fabric. The raised platform truly makes this a bed with a view.

Price: $115.00

Itch Wall Scratcher- These completely inconspicuous tiles are barely recognizable as scratching pads, but cats certainly know they are! They feature removable and replaceable carpet squares and a rapidly renewable bamboo base.

Price: $55.00

Dream Curl Curved Scratcher- With a twisted, sculptural appearance, the Dream Curl is a unique floor scratcher. It features both carpet and sisal scratching surfaces to give cats multiple options. The clever curved design gives plenty of room for cats to fully stretch, plus the dangling toy encourages use of the scratcher through play.
Price: $29.99

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