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Anyone who has ever experienced behavior problems in cats knows that it can be a very frustrating experience. Seemingly simple changes like introducing a new cat into the home or moving to a new apartment can trigger unwanted and unpleasant changes in a cat's behavior. From urine marking to inappropriate scratching, these behaviors are a nuisance to owners and are also signs that a cat may be under considerable stress. Fortunately for cats and their owners, modern science has given us an ingenious product: Feliway Comfort Zone.

You may have noticed when your cat is happy, he or she will rub a cheek on furniture, your leg, or anything else in the vicinity. Besides being incredibly cute, this behavior is actually a cat's way of marking with a pheromone produced by glands in their cheeks. This pheromone is a "feel-good" pheromone for cats, producing a happy and calming effect. Feliway Comfort Zone is a scientifically engineered synthetic version of this pheromone. It's calming effects can be used to calm cats in stressful situations, as well as positively modify feline behavior. Best of all, it is undetectable to the human nose.

Feliway Comfort Zone is available in several different forms. For targeted application, the product is available in a spray or as wipes. These products can be applied directly to problem areas such as the litterbox. For cats needing modification of their litter box habits, the spray can be applied to the litter box making it a comfortable place for cats. It can also be applied to the scratching post to encourage use. Trips to the veterinarian can be an incredibly stressful experience for a cat; by applying Comfort Zone to their pet carrier, some of the trauma of the experience can be alleviated (the spray should never, however, be applied directly to a cat's body.)

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Another version of Feliway Comfort Zone is the plug-in diffuser. Much like scented plug-ins purchased to give a room an inviting scent for humans, the Comfort Zone diffuser uses an electrical outlet to diffuse the feel-good pheromone throughout the home. This can be useful for situations where the home environment itself may have become stressful to a cat. Introducing a new cat, moving to a new home, bringing home a new baby, or even getting new furniture can all cause upset to a cat's routine. Diffusing the pheromone throughout the home can make these transitional situations easier for a cat to cope with and may prevent unwanted behaviors from developing.

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There is also a Comfort Zone product available for dogs.

For more information on this product for cats and dogs: Comfort Zone

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