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"Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." Fans of the popular game show The Price is Right have heard this call-to-action spoken by Bob Barker (and new host Drew Carey) since 1979. Though Bob Barker retired from hosting the game show in 2007, he has publicly continued his animal advocacy crusade with his new book Priceless Memories.

Released in April of 2009, Priceless Memories is a collection of stories from Barker’s early years living through the Great Depression as well as from his 50-plus years of television experience. Fans of The Price is Right will enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at production of the show and Bob Barker’s memories of hosting various game shows like Truth or Consquences. Animal advocates will enjoy the fact that all proceeds from sales of the book go to DJ&T Foundation, founded in 1994 by Barker to help pay for spay and neuter programs.

Also featured in the book are Bob Barker’s recollections of favorite contestants and celebrity guests. Most importantly, he discusses his beliefs on animal rights, including his controversial decision to no longer allow fur coats as prizes on The Price is Right or to be worn at beauty pageants he hosted.

For more info: Priceless Memories on Amazon.com

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