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Everyone knows that cats use a litterbox to “do their business”, but many dog owners don’t realize that their pet can be trained to do the same. Though paper-training a new puppy is common practice, it can be a pain to clean up and the smell is often difficult to control (not to mention newspapers on the floor don’t entirely prevent urine from coming in contact with the bare floor.)

Owners who are fed up with the old methods of potty training their dog now have a new option: the WizDog! The WizDog is a simple, yet ingenious, product that makes the challenge of training dogs to eliminate indoors an attainable goal for dogs of all ages and sizes. Basically, the WizDog is a litterbox without the litter. It consists of a shallow pan containing either a pee pad or newspaper lining, and a grate on top which allows urine to pass through to the pan but solid waste to stay put.

The design is conceived with both owners and dogs in mind. Dogs prefer to eliminate in one spot (as evidenced by the concentrated “urine burns” in the front yard of many dog owners.) The WizDog allows dogs to have their own personal potty spot indoors, making it convenient for those times where the owner isn’t around to let the dog out or the weather outdoors is not conducive to a potty break. Since the grate system allows liquid waste to pass through to the pan, the dog does not have to stand in a puddle of its own urine as with traditional paper training (no more wet pawprints on the floor!) Clean-up of solid waste is simple, as it stays on top of the grate. The smooth surface of the grate makes it easy to simply flip the grate over and dispose of the mess.

Unlike cats, dogs do not cover their waste. Instead they prefer to kick it away. As a result, litter is not a practical solution for potty training a dog as they will likely kick it all over the room by doing what comes naturally to them. Many dogs have also been known to ingest pelleted litter or shred newspapers and pee pads. The WizDog’s grate system eliminates these problems as the dog does not come in contact with anything but the smooth grate.

The WizDog was designed for small to medium sized dogs, but the design can easily accommodate larger breeds by placing two WizDog systems side by side. The product is durable enough to hold up to 200 pounds, so even the largest breed of dog can be trained to use the WizDog.

Owners who would like to give the system a try but are unsure how to begin training their dog to use it can be comforted knowing that the system comes with instructions for training. The WizDog website also contains a helpful FAQ section that answers many of the common questions and concerns regarding the product. In the rare case that a dog cannot be trained to use the WizDog, there is a 30-day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer. With the purchase of a WizDog system, the manufacturer will also include a helpful book on general dog training principals.

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