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Ever wish you could bring your favorite pet with you wherever you go? Though that’s still not a possibility for most people, there is a way to have the next best thing: a photo handbag! If you’re like me (or most women), you don’t go anywhere without your handbag. It’s more or less your traveling studio apartment. It carries your wallet, your keys, your checkbook, your makeup…the list goes on an on. Since your handbag goes everywhere you do, why not make it a unique way to show off your pet?

Photo handbags available through SnapTotes are fun and practical. They are available in many different styles, from diaper bags to classy clutches. Depending on the style you choose, your bag can be customized with different trim, various fabric styles, color choices, and much more. You can even choose to have your photo display on both sides of the bag for some designs.

Adding a photo to the bag is easy. SnapTotes has a simple uploading tool to choose a photo right from your computer. If your favorite photo isn’t available digitally, you also have the option of mailing a hard copy in to the company. The way your photo displays on the handbag is totally up to you; you can zoom in, zoom out, adjust the placement, etc. SnapTotes even has a tool that allows you to create a collage of multiple photos if you just can’t choose a favorite.

A customized photo handbag is a great gift idea for pet lovers (I know I’d love to be given one!) It’s a gift that is not only practical, but totally personal. SnapTotes also offers photo pillows in addition to their wide selection of handbags. A photo pillow is a thoughtful gift idea for college students leaving home, frequent business travelers, and anyone else who could use a little reminder of their beloved pet. There is also a men's collection which includes messenger bags, photo wallets, and more.

Visit SnapTotes online for more information. Use discount code couptote09 for 15% off any order over $50, or use code greatbags for 10% off an order of any size.

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