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Madison, WI, October 17, 2009 -- When Tami Lewis, the owner of Gotta Go Out, LLC, wanted a way to celebrate her local pet sitting company's anniversary and give back to the Madison area pet community, she decided to participate in a national pet goods/fund raiser called Wishbones for Pets. What she didn't know was which local adoption or rescue group to help. Then she met Tony.

Tony is a whippet mix that was being fostered by her clients Lauren and Michael Wojtasiak. He had come from an overflowing shelter in Illinois. "We found out that he was heartworm positive before he came and that the poor guy had been attacked by dogs before making his way to us", says Lauren. Madison Mutts spent money treating Tony's heartworms, but it was well worth it for Tony. After some basic training, medical care, and a good foster home with Michael and Lauren, he turned out to be the perfect family dog. Tony was adopted by a wonderful mom and her two sons and they have reported that he has brought such joy to their lives.

As a pet sitter who loves all pets, Tony stole Tami's heart and she decided that Madison Mutts would be the rescue group she wanted to help by hosting the Wishbones for Pets program in Madison. Wishbones for Pets began in 2004 by Janet Depathy, a professional pet sitter in Plymouth, MA. It is the first pet sitter related charity open to all professional pet sitters in North America, and runs annually from mid-October through the week after Thanksgiving. The pet sitter asks local businesses to sponsor drop off bins for pet goods donations or coin jars in their store or office. Since 2004, hundreds of pet sitters across the United States and Canada have participated in the program.

Madison Mutts is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on volunteers and donations. Every donation helps them continue their much needed work. The Wishbones for Pets program runs until November 29th and the following businesses are sponsoring donation bins for dog goods or coin jars for cash donations.

 For more information about the work of Madison Mutts, visit www.madisonmutts.org. To see a list of local drop locations, to sponsor a bin or coin jar, or to get more information on Gotta Go Out's hosted Wishbone for Pets drive in Madison, visit http://www.ggout.com/.

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