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Review: The Perch by DKCat

Monday, July 19, 2010

I must say I wasn’t totally sure how The Perch from DKCat was going to go over with the Mad About Pets cats. As you may know from my earlier review of the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, vertical scratchers don’t seem to be “their thing.” Nonetheless, The Perch sports a perch on top (hence the name) so I figured if anything it would at least be a place for the cats to hang out and survey the goings-on in the living room.

Surprise! Whatever lack of enthusiasm the cats had for the Ultimate Scratching Post, they more than made up for with their love of The Perch. Within minutes of setting it up in the living room, Gabe was sitting on top of it. Andromeda was scratching it with enormous vigor. Even shy Rory was checking it out and playing near it!

The cats love The Perch so much they actually argue with each other over who gets to be near it. Sometimes if Andromeda is using it, Rory will come over to chase her away and claim it for himself. Rory has sort of designated it as his own special possession, and you can often find him laying at the base of The Perch lazily, daring the other cats to try to take it away. (photo: left)

In short, The Perch has been a smash hit with the Mad About Pets cats!

Here’s a little info about The Perch itself. The 26” post is wrapped in thick sisal rope, a favorite texture for scratching with many cats. The post is off-center on the thick plywood base, and the base is covered with coarse carpet. This allows loads of room for kitties to scratch vertically and horizontally. Many cat owners believe that carpet should not be used on a scratching post as it encourages cats to use the stairs or other carpeted surfaces for scratching. However, the carpet by Interface Flor used on The Perch is unlike “regular” carpet used in homes; it is very thin and coarse, so there is very little chance your cat will confuse it with any carpet in your house. In fact, The Perch has stopped Andromeda from scratching on our stairs (which used to be a favorite pastime of hers.) She now uses The Perch instead.

Atop the scratching post is an 11” x 11” perch for cats to sit and watch the world go by. It’s common knowledge that cats love heights, so having another place for kitty to sit up high and observe is a definite bonus.

The Perch is available in 4 color schemes, all of which are very neutral and unobtrusive. The modern aesthetic is much appreciated in our household, as The Perch does not stand out terribly and become an eyesore as many cat scratchers and trees do.

In conclusion, go buy a Perch from DKCat NOW! It rocks!

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