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Thanks to CSN Stores, I was able to try out a SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post over the last month. The Ultimate Scratching Post is seriously the Rolls-Royce of scratching posts…at 32” tall it is tall enough for even the lengthiest kitties to accomplish a full stretch, and the best part is it’s HEAVY. It sits on a 16”x16” wooden base which totally eliminates wobbling, making it safe for vigorous scratchers. There is no need to worry about it tipping over—it simply won’t happen! The scratching surface is a sisal weave, the preferred surface for many cats. It has a nice, rough texture which cats can really dig their claws into. There is also the option to purchase a perch that slides onto the top of the scratching post, making a nice place for cats to jump onto.

My favorite part about the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is that it has Wisconsin ties! The company who produces it, Pioneer Pet Products, is based out of Cedarburg, WI. SmartCat was founded 20 years ago by Betsy Limbscomb, who also heads up Cats International. Cats International is a free service to cat owners which offers practical advice regarding behavioral issues, training, and general cat ownership. Ms. Limscomb’s extensive knowledge of feline needs and behavior helped her to come up with the design for the Ultimate Scratching Post and make it the well-researched and quality product it is today.

Unfortunately, the Mad About Pets cats were less than thrilled with their test-drive of the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. Out of our 3 cats, 2 were declawed prior to our adopting them. They enjoy using a post occasionally, but their scratching needs are no where near as detrimental as our third cat…the fully clawed Birman. I tried every trick in the book to get her to utilize the Ultimate Scratching Post, but she simply wouldn’t have it.

I’ve realized that the Birman tends to have a horizontal scratching preference, so the tall vertical shape did nothing to appeal to her scratching sensibility. I will note that many users have successfully laid the post down to create a horizontal scratching surface (photo right), but my husband is incredibly aesthetically-inclined and would not prefer a 32” scratching post lying sideways in our already-cluttered living room. It should be noted, however, that SmartCat does offer a horizontal scratching pad in their line of products, so they have your cat covered...regardless of their horizontal v. vertical scratching inclination!

Since our cats were not enthralled with the upright stature of the Ultimate Scratching Post, I sent it home with my mother who owns two fully-clawed cats. These cats have effectively destroyed the computer chair in her office, as they absolutely love to sink their claws into the burlap-like material from which it’s made. Based on the appearance of her office chair, her cats clearly prefer vertical scratching! As you might have guessed, they loved the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. My mom has told me that they can really sink their claws into the sisal and go to town on it, much to the delight of her office chair. She claims she may actually be able to get new furniture soon, thanks to this post!

In conclusion, if your cat is a vertical scratcher (or you have the room to lay the post horizontally), the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is one of the most well-designed and intuitive scratching posts on the market today. It is far more durable than cardboard or carpet posts, and therefore is an excellent investment at a price of $55 (this low price available at CSN stores.) In addition, its ties to Cats International ensure that you will always have assistance available in helping to post-train your cat and get the most out of your scratching post. And the cherry on top? You’re supporting a Wisconsin business when you choose SmartCat and Pioneer Industries.

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