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After the long wait (and honestly, the fact that I forgot to write this…), I am ready to share with you Mad About Pets' favorite piece of home décor: the Naked Decor Animal Instinct Black Kitty Cat with Button Eyes Pillow! This pillow has been enjoying its position of dominance on my living room couch for a few months now, and has certainly drawn a lot of compliments from guests. As you can see by the photo of Rory and Gabe at the end of this post, it is also a big hit with the Mad About Pets cats!

Naked Decor designer
Supon Phornirunlit
This adorable pillow is a product of Naked Décor,  owned by prominent graphic designer Supon Phornirunlit. His decorative items have been featured in contemporary design magazines worldwide. Each pillow is hand silkscreened on cotton canvas, and the big kitty on the front features 2 huge red button eyes. I love this pillow because the cat design is super modern; it actually reminds me a lot of the work done by Shag, my favorite pop artist.

Naked Décor has a full line of decorative designs for the home, including many animal-themed products. One of my other favorites is the Cat and Kitten Pillow—so cute! Here are the full product lines of animal-themed items from Naked Décor to check out:

-Happy Hot Dog Collection (Dachshund décor including lamps, plates, etc.)
-Doggie Style Collection (silkscreened pillows)
-Animal Instinct (misc. animals, including the pillows described in this post)
-Pooch Décor (pop art style dog portraits)
-Under the Sea (sea creature pillows)

Gabe and Rory both attempt to woo the lovely
lady-cat on the pillow

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