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Spotlight UK: Pet Friendly Pest Control

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pets and pests both need careful management if you want to get rid of the pests without harming the pets. This concise guide provides some pointers on how to achieve pet-friendly pest control.

If you’re taking pest control measures you should also be thinking about pet control.

This is for three reasons. Firstly, the measures that you take to deter pests can affect your pets. Whether it’s poisons, traps or some other means, you don’t want the family cat or dog coming to harm by mistake.

Secondly, your pets attract their own pests. It may be fleas buried in their fur or the host of creatures that feast on stored or left-over pet food, or those which thrive on the dirt and mess which your pets leave behind.

If that’s not enough, there’s a third pet pest matter to control – stopping them from annoying you. Pets become pests when they do damage inside or outside the home or don’t behave as they should.

Control pests without harming pets

Pest control measures often come in chemical form which could harm household pets. Weed killers, slug pellets and bait for rats and mice all present a potential danger, even if not eaten.

Many commercial pest control
products are highly toxic to pets
Before applying any form of chemical product it’s essential that you read the label and take note of what it’s telling you. If a serious pest problem has led you to call in professional help, either through your local council or a private firm, make sure they know what pets you have so that they can take the appropriate precautions.

Alternatively, you could use natural products which won’t harm animals. For example, sprinkling cinnamon or concentrated lemon juice outside your home and in your garden keeps many insects at bay, including ants.

Control the pests that come with pets

However hard you might try, there’s a reasonable chance that your pet will pick up some kind of parasite from time to time. The most common are fleas, which jump from one animal to another and live by sucking blood from their host.

Fleas are a common parasite for domestic
dogs, so use a good flea preventative

Pest problems can come from cockroaches, flies and other insects that are attracted to pet food, both stored and leftovers. Your pets will also shed hair and leave other waste matter behind them, all of which is an attractive food source to a variety of creatures.

Cleanliness is the key to minimising the risks in these areas. Food should be stored in secure containers, bowls kept clean when not in use and any leftovers cleared away and binned. The areas where your pets sleep should be regularly cleaned and checked for signs of pests.

Pet waste should not be allowed to accumulate inside or outside the house. Regular vacuuming, cleaning of hair from furniture and tidying up mess in the garden will make your home more attractive to your family and friends and less attractive to vermin.

Stop your pets becoming pests

You want to enjoy your pet so it’s important to prevent them from being an irritant to your neighbours.

Dogs without a fenced yard should be kept
on a leash at all times when outdoors-- in many
communities, it's the law!

Having a secure fence around your garden will keep your dog on your side of the boundary. Outdoor cats are harder to control but you should provide litter trays to encourage them not to make a mess in your neighbour’s garden.

Poor behaviour can be a problem, particularly in dogs. Incessant barking or uncontrolled running around is at best annoying and can be frightening or dangerous, particularly if older people or children are around. Investing in obedience classes can help deal with this. Dogs should also be kept on a leash at all times if they are outside in an unfenced yard.

Having a pet can provide years of pleasure but it also comes with responsibilities. By being aware of these and taking the appropriate action you can be a happy and successful pet owner.

This article was provided by London Pest Control, Bypest.com. London pest control professionals Bypest.com offer a comprehensive service for all kinds of pest-control problems throughout London and around the M25, serving both residential and commercial customers.

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