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Guest Post: Backpack with your dog

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have you ever considered going backpacking with your dog?

While it's not easy to cross borders with your beloved pooch, if you do manage to get clearance for your animal to travel with you, short trips with Fido are wonderful.

Imagine your dog, running wild and free through lush countryside, splashing about in rivers, chasing birds and curled around your feet enjoying the warmth of a campfire. How could you leave him at home?

Many people would be put off from taking their dog away with them on any holiday that involves carrying your own accommodation, food, clothes and other essentials on your back. However, instead of believing that taking the dog will add extra weight to your load, let your dog pick up some of the slack.

Unbeknown to many, a range of fantastic dog backpacks has hit the shops, a concept that may seem strange at first, but is actually ingenious. A canvas pack can be securely and comfortably strapped to the dog, featuring pockets that can be filled with dog essentials: his bowl, food, water, towel, toys and treats.

Don't worry that your dog will be laden down and overheat, the lightweight bag comprises water pockets that will keep him cool. The packs are typically very hard wearing, which is great for rugged or muddy conditions. The streamlined design will ensure your dog won't be slowed down, either.

For those who would like to keep a slightly tighter rein on their dog in certain situations, removing the backpack pockets will reveal a harness. Therefore lifting your dog over water or a stile will be much easier. In fact, the only problem you may encounter, is keeping up with your backpacked dog!

If you're wondering what to get your pet for Christmas, why not think about purchasing a dog backpack so that they can share in the great outdoors with you?
Rupert Brown as a freelance author writes articles on various topics. To learn more about dog backpacks and dog blankets he recommends you to visit Muddy Paws.

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