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USA (PR Web) Oct 30, 2011 - Researching health care options for pets is a phenomenon that is expanding in North America. More people are starting to realize the benefits of having a single veterinarian for their pet. This puts the vet in a more knowledgeable position and strengthens his/her relationship with the pet.

The site, which launched in October 2011, is known as The Veterinarian Directory (http://www.topveterinarians.org). It features a simple search box which allows you to locate nearby veterinary clinics by city, address or postal code. The directory currently has over 30,000 listings which users can view through the familiar maps provided by Google.

There are two reasons why it's becoming more popular to research veterinary clinics for your pets. For the conscious pet owner there is a better chance of finding a talented and knowledgeable vet who can keep your pet healthy. Secondly, people are discovering there are benefits of seeing veterinarians who specialize with specific types of animals.

The launch of the Veterinarian Directory is proof that a great idea can translate to an incredible community connecting veterinary practices directly with enthusiastic pet owners.

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