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Face it…you love to spoil your dog, and are constantly looking for new ways to spoil him even more. It’s okay, you’re among friends here at Mad About Pets! Treats are one way many of us show our dogs love; as they say, the fastest way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach (or is that the fastest way to a man’s heart? Hmm…)

Lacey's Barkery gluten-free crisps

Homemade doggy treats are a great way to show your dog that you care, and also to ensure you’re giving your pup a tasty snack without all the icky fillers and preservatives found in many commercial dog treats. Ideally, we’d all love to make treats for our dog in our own kitchen. Unfortunately, most of us have enough trouble finding the time to cook ourselves a homemade meal, let alone our pooch!

Lacey’s Barkery can help you with this predicament. Lacey’ Barkery is an online store featuring premium homemade treats for your dog, using only organic and human-grade ingredients. Baked right here in the United States, Lacey’s treats are free of the scary foreign ingredients in many commercially available treats that have been known to cause outbreaks of sickness. Lacey’s offers baked treats, gluten free crisps, and even cakes (hey, you get a birthday cake…why shouldn’t your dog?!)

Lacey’s Barkery was kind enough to offer Mad About Pets a sample of their most popular baked treat flavor, Peanut Butter and Bacon. We wanted to put Lacey’s to the ultimate test, so we recruited a particularly selective test subject. Meet Amos, the 8-year-old rescue poodle. Amos’ person reports that he does not eat treats; in fact, he has no idea what to do with them. When offered a dog bone at the bank drive-up window, poor Amos just stares at it. Growing up in a puppy mill, Amos never learned the simple pleasure of a dog treat. Even if he wanted to eat a treat, the amount of teeth he’s missing makes it quite difficult. Yes, Amos is a tough test subject indeed!

Lacey's Barkery baked treats
Amos’ person was understandably skeptical about how Amos would react to this “experiment.” Due to his missing teeth, she broke the Peanut Butter and Bacon treat in half and offered our test subject only a small portion. Amos gave it a skeptical sniff, turned tail and walked away. Drat! The experiment was not off to a very good start. Amos’ person left the bit of treat on the floor, in the event that Amos might change his mind. She went about her business, realizing a few minutes later that Amos was nowhere to be seen. She found Amos merrily munching the bit of treat, and cautiously offered him another bit. He ate it! Much to Amos’ person’s amazement, Amos was eating and enjoying a dog treat—something she thought she’d never see.

Amos the test dog gives Lacey’s Barkery two enthusiastic paws up! Besides the glowing review from the pickiest poodle in Madison, Mad About Pets loves that Lacey’s donates part of the purchase price to animal charities like AKC Canine Health Foundation and Romania Animal Rescue when you use the appropriate promo code (found at the bottom of this page.) If you’re looking for tasty homemade treats you can feel good about giving your dog, check out Lacey’s Barkery and the full line of great products they have available to spoil your dog rotten!

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