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"Potty training"...the two words that make many dog owners cringe. It seems like some dogs take to potty training like a fish to water, while others require a long and difficult period before the concept makes sense. Even when a puppy is fully potty trained, owners still must deal with the early-morning and late-night potty breaks, and occassional accidents on the kitchen floor. Wouldn't it be convenient just to have an indoor dog bathroom for your dog that he could use whenever the need arises? Believe it or not, you CAN: it's called the Potty Training Puppy Apartment!

The Puppy Apartment is a unique new potty training device that combines the best parts of the many different training methods on the market. Puppy training pads seems to be the most popular product for indoor potty training, but unfortunately many dogs "overshoot" or miss the pad entirely (leading to sticky, not to mention stinky, floors.) Indoor grass patches have become popular, but the same problem exists with overshooting and the obvious inconvenience of having a box of grass/faux grass in your home. These solutions aren't viable, either, if your dog or puppy is confined to a crate during the day. Older dogs will be expected to "hold it" until you get home. However, puppies have tiny bladders and therefore must take frequent potty breaks;  if your puppy is confined to a crate for more than a few hours, accidents can and WILL happen. The Puppy Apartment combines a crate and a bathroom so your dog has access to a potty area and a sleeping area, yet in separate compartments to keep your puppy clean and comfy.

The best part about the Puppy Apartment is that it comes with a training DVD to teach you exactly how to use the device with success. The Puppy Apartment training program teaches the dog to use the bathroom indoors in 3 stages, so the puppy gradually learns to use (and prefer) pottying indoors in the Puppy Apartment. Eventually, your dog will be able to have free reign of the house and still will go back to the Puppy Apartment to potty (like his own personal bathroom!) The training program was developed over a period of five years of research, and is even patent pending. Customer service is also available 7 days a week to help with any questions or concerns that might come up with the Potty Training Puppy Apartment, so once you start you always have help available if you need it.

The Puppy Apartment is a combination bed/bathroom
Many owners like to crate train their dog, but this can come with the issues discussed above (older dogs being forced to "hold it", and puppies requiring frequent potty breaks.) The nice thing about the Puppy Apartment is that it can be used to crate train and potty train simultaneously. Since the Puppy Apartment is divided into two separate sections, it is a combination bathroom and bedroom (sort of like a studio apartment for dogs.) Your dog will always have a clean and dry place to rest in the crate, and a bathroom available when he needs it. Dogs that stay crated during the day will be sure to enjoy this! Dogs who will have free reign of the house (after potty training) will also appreciate having an indoor bathroom to use. Dogs are biologically wired to seek a den to dwell in (like their wolf relatives), so having a crate available to rest in is a great idea even for dogs who are not confined to a crate for long periods of time. The Crate Training Puppy Apartment fulfills the need for a den dwelling and a bathroom in one unique product.

If you're looking for an effective way to potty train your puppy or dog, or a nice alternative to taking the dog out at 6 AM every day for a potty break, check out the Potty Training Puppy Apartment.

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