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More details on Tabby & Jack's Feb 27 grand opening!

Thursday, February 25, 2010 Comments

From Tabby & Jack's:

Saturday, February 27, 2010- Tabby & Jack's Grand Opening!

Stop by the NEW Struck Street location (631 Struck St, Madison WI 53711) for freebees, coupons, in-store specials, demos, "Ask the Vet" and much much more!

* Free Tabby & Jack's Calendar
*Free Tabby & Jack's Bandana
*Free Tabby & Jack's Pumpkin treats
*Free Freezer bag with every Nature's Variety Raw Purchase
*Free Sojo's treats
*Free Sojos Trail Size Diets
*Free Honest Kitchen Trial size diets
*Free Stella & Chewy's Raw and Freeze Dried Trail Size Patties
*Free Tech Stain removers wipes
*Free Tabby & Jack's canvas bag with $20 purchase,
 *...and Much, Much More!!!



(No purchase necessary. Must come instore to register. Need not be present during drawing)

(2) Stella & Chewy's Gift Baskets ($40 Value ea.)
(2) Large Bags of NutriSource Dog Food ($40 Value ea.)
(2) Tabby & Jack's Baskets with Tabby and Jack's Cookies, Canvas Bag, Free Groom and Planet Dog toy ($100 value!)

The store is open M-F from 11:00am-6:00pm, Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm, and closed Sundays.

Interview: Anthony Holloway of K9 Cuisine on the importance of quality pet food

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Comments

The majority of pet owners don't think twice before buying their pet's food from a supermarket or chain store. This food is cost effective, readily available, convenient and well-marketed. However, more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of feeding high-quality and raw foods to their pets (often at the sacrifice of convenience and a slightly higher price tag.)

Anthony Holloway, CEO and founder of K9Cuisine.com, is hoping to make a change in the way we feed our pets. (photo: left) His company chooses only the highest quality foods available on the market to sell to his customers. K9 Cuisine also offers expert advice from veterinarians, so pet owners can always be sure they are providing the best care possible for their animals.

Unfortunately, high-quality pet foods are not easily accessible for many people. These types of foods are often found only at specialty pet supply stores and therefore not easy to find for individuals living in rural or less-populated areas. K9 Cuisine is working hard to provide a solution to this problem by making high-quality, organic, and even raw diets available for purchase online with the click of a mouse--all at competitive prices with speedy shipping. 

So how did K9 Cuisine get its start? Why is it so important to feed your pet the best quality food available? Anthony Holloway was kind enough to provide readers of Mad About Pets the answers to these questions and more in a very informative interview:

Please tell me about K9 Cuisine and how it was founded.

K9Cuisine.com was born from my own frustration with sourcing quality healthy food for my pet. My dog, Daisy, had developed an allergy to grains found in most pet foods. I did quite a bit of research to find foods that were healthy and would work well for her. Living in a rural area, I was not able to purchase these higher nutrition grain-free foods locally. Purchasing online, I was paying exorbitant fees for shipping and never knew for sure if the product was available or when it would actually arrive.

I began communicating online with consumers, who like myself were looking to source healthy nutrition for their pets. I quickly realized there was an excellent business opportunity in supplying premium quality pet nutrition online while providing a more positive buying experience for these consumers.

What makes K9 Cuisine different from other online pet food and supply retailers?

Quite possibly the single biggest differences between K9Cuisine.com and other retailers are:

Product Mix – At K9Cuisine.com we have over thousands of products to choose from. All of these products have been inspected, tested, and selected for their premium nutritional values. We are proud to offer such a vast collection of only the highest quality pet food on the market.

Customer Care – Our phones, live chat, and email requests are answered by our trained staff who are available 24/7 for answering customer’s questions and assisting them with placing orders. While we may be an internet company, our business is truly fueled by this wonderful caring staff.

Communication – From the moment an order is placed until it arrives on our customer’s doorstep, we communicate with the customer regarding their order status. As online consumers, we recognize the value in knowing your order was received, shipped, and when it will arrive.

Fast & Free Shipping – Most orders at K9Cuisine ship the same day the order is received. Unlike other online companies, we actually warehouse our products. Product availability, coupled with our efficient staff and shipping system, ensure most orders ship via Federal Express within hours of arrival. And, any order over $50 ships FREE! Pet foods may be bulky and heavy and costly to ship. Free shipping is not often provided in this industry.

Why is it so important to choose pet foods with human-grade ingredients?

The regulators have historically placed much tighter regulations and restrictions on facilities manufacturing human-grade foods. These guidelines range from what specific food ingredients may be utilized, to where and in what condition these ingredients may be obtained, to the level of sanitary methods utilized in the manufacturing process. One may only imagine what may be occurring in those facilities not required to meet these guidelines/ regulations…

What types of things are contained in "traditional" pet foods that can adversely affect our pets' health?

Many of the traditional pet foods in our supermarkets today have a grain (corn, wheat, or soy) listed as one of their top three ingredients. This means that food is primarily comprised of “fillers”. Another common ingredient listed is gluten. Glutens are used to falsely inflate the food’s protein content. Dogs and cats diets should contain animal based proteins. Their bodies were never designed to adequately metabolize plant based proteins and fillers. If in the wild, they would not likely be grazing in a cornfield. Their bodies crave animal protein as it is most easily digestible to them. These plant “fillers” often lead to allergies, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and countless other ailments.

Other common ingredients found in supermarket foods are by-products, chemicals, preservatives, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin … These products provide no nutritional value and have only been included to convenience the manufacturer and retailer by providing a lower cost raw material, to make their otherwise unpalatable food more acceptable, or to extend the shelf-life of their products.

As a rule, I look at the ingredients listed on the bag and ask myself with each individual ingredient listed, if I would feed it to my pet in its raw, individual form. If a food contains any ingredient I would not normally want my pet ingesting, I wouldn’t feed that food to Daisy and I would not sell that food to my customers. At K9Cuisine.com our foods contain animal based proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as their primary ingredients.

There have been tremendous advances in this industry to incorporate natural ingredients promoting antioxidants, joint health, and numerous other remedies. We are happy to offer these premium nutrition foods which promote good health and a better quality of life to our customer’s furry companions.

What should consumers look for when choosing a food for their dog or cat?

One of the simplest methods for comparing and choosing foods for your pets, is to look at the first five ingredients listed on the bag. Because ingredients are listed in order, most of your pet’s nutrient value comes from these first five sources. You want to ensure that these ingredients are quality sources of protein and vitamins, as opposed to grains (corn, wheat, soy) which are used as “fillers” and provide very little nutritional value. Just as we do in our own diet, we want to avoid providing our pets these “empty calories”.

(Make sure you follow K9 Cuisine on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check out their blog for expert advice and more information on the best foods to feed your pet. Don't miss K9 Cuisine's dog food rating tool to see how your current dog food stacks up!)

Jury trial scheduled in puppy beating case

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Comments

A jury trial is scheduled for March 17, 2010 at 8:30 am in the Dane County Circuit Court for the alleged killing of a puppy in December of 2009.

Dwayne R. Johnson, 35, of Madison is accused of beating the 4-6 week old puppy named Jewels in the head with a flashlight. According to the criminal complaint, Johnson was arguing with his girlfriend over ownership of the 9.8 pound Pit Bull puppy. His girlfriend wanted to keep the puppy, but Johnson stated the puppy belonged to him. Johnson further stated that if he couldn’t have the puppy no one would. He then struck the puppy in the head 3 times with the flashlight, causing her death.

According to Johnson’s statement, 5 or 6 people witnessed the beating in the parking lot where it occurred. He remarked, “They were looking at me like I was a maniac.”

Dwayne R. Johnson is being charged with one count of felony Mistreatment of Animals/Cause Death.

(Photo left: the accused Dwayne R. Johnson)

Tabby & Jack's on Struck St now open!


To celebrate the opening of their new Struck Street location in Madison, Tabby & Jack's is holding a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, February 27, 2010! Many experts will be on hand to talk about raw diets, training, and healthcare. Stop by the new location anytime during the month of February to receive a treat bag for your dog or cat.

To further celebrate, Tabby & Jack's will have great deals this month, so check out the monthly specials and stop by either store before the end of the month to take advantage of these great deals!

Tabby & Jack's also provides mobile grooming and home delivery service for your pet's supplies. Please call 277-5900 to arrange for mobile services.

The new Tabby & Jack's location can be found at 631 Struck Street, Madison WI 53711. The store is open M-F from 11:00am-6:00pm, Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm, and closed Sundays.

Interview: MRD Valentine's bout to benefit Dane County Humane Society

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Comments

Looking for something fun and different to do with your sweety or your best friends this Valentine's Day? Then come out and support the Mad Rollin' Dolls, Madison's very own female roller derby league, while they raise money to benefit the Dane County Humane Society! Mad About Pets is happy to bring you this exclusive interview with MRD skater Allie Gator:

(Seen above with star on helmet is MRD skater Allie Gator.)

So who are the Mad Rollin’ Dolls?

The Mad Rollin Dolls are one of the original leagues that started up in 2004 with the modern resurgence of roller derby. Roller Derby has come a long way from the staged fights of the 60s, everything is real. It is now a full-fledged sport that boasts over 400 leagues in the nation and there are leagues all over the world.

MRD has four home teams: The Quad Squad, The Reservoir Dolls, The Unholy Rollers and the Vaudeville Vixens. We also have two travel teams, The Dairyland Dolls and Team Unicorn, that are made up of members from all four home teams.

You can find a handy-dancy video explaining the rules here. Want to learn more about the game, the gear, read the rules for yourself and more? Visit the Mad Rollin Doll’s page or the WFTDA page, that’s short for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

What kinds of people would you find at a derby bout?

You could find anyone at a bout. We have skaters who are mothers, law students, chemists, government workers, yoga instructors… you name it, there’s probably a derby girl out there somewhere who does it.

The same goes for fans. We pride ourselves on having an open and welcoming environment at our bouts. Sit down at a bout and on your left you may have a family with their kids and on your right you could have a group of college students.

(Photo left: Allie Gator with her Siamese cat Aku)
I see that the February 14th bout is going to benefit the Dane County Humane Society. Can you tell me a little about MRD’s charitable giving?
One of MRD’s original goals is to give back to the community. We take part in fundraisers like the Polar Plunge (Visit our team page and donate!), volunteer our time at local events and we also donate a portion of our ticket sales to local charities. Proceeds from our upcoming bout on Sunday Feb 14th will be going to the Dane County Humane Society. Being an animal lover and pet owner I’ve really appreciated all the useful information the DCHS website has and the services they provide to the community.
Where are tickets available?
Ticket for the Sunday, Valentine’s Day Bout are available for purchase ahead of time online and also at some of our lovely local sponsors (Capitol City Tattoo, Cha Cha Barber and Beauty, Freedom Skate Shop, High Noon Saloon, Hoi Polloi, Lakeside Press). You can also buy tickets at the door. Kids age 4-10 are half price, under 4? Free! Want to bring a group? We’re totally into group ticket sales, just look for the link on our site.

Doors Open at 12/noon, Action starts at 1pm. You totally have time for a lovely Valentine’s Day brunch before the bout or a romantic dinner afterwards. No Valentine’s Day plans after the bout? Come to the after party just down the road at the Badger Bowl and hang with the skaters!

(Photo right: Allie Gator with her Siamese cat Orval)

City Hall Pet Gifts is holding Dane County K-9 Unit Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 Comments

From City Hall Pet Gifts in Sun Prairie:

Did you know.........

*The K-9 Unit doesn't receive a single cent of tax payer's money?

*Deputies often have to pay for expenses associated with a police K-9 out of their own pocket?

*A police dog cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 (not including training)?

*The K-9 Unit rely 100% on donations from businesses and private parties?

Please participate in City Hall Pet Gifts' fundraiser to support our hometown heroes by purchasing a children's book written by local author Kate Stormer. Hard-cover books are $10 and $3 from every book sale will be donated to the K-9 Unit. Or make a donation of $2 or more and get a FREE paper-back "Rescue of Little Red". All of Kate's books deliver's an educational message such as what to do if you get approached by a stranger. The fundraiser runs thru February 20, 2010. Make a donation in-store (100 W Main St, Sun Prairie WI 53590) or purchase books online or in-store.

Click here for more information on Kate's books.

Click here for more information on the Dane County K-9 Unit.

Clean + Green BIG giveaway winner

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Comments

And the winner of the Mad About Pets Clean + Green giveaway is...

Lisa S. of Lansdale, PA!

Lisa will be receiving the following products of her choice from Clean + Green:

*CAT - Carpet & Upholstery Odor Eliminator, Cleaner & Stain Remover

*CAT-  Litter Box Odor Eliminator and Cleaner

*CAT - Furniture Refresher Odor Eliminator and Cleaner

*CAT - Wood & Tile Odor Eliminator, Cleaner and Stain Remover

*CAT - Concrete Odor Eliminator, Cleaner and Stain Remover

*SMALL ANIMAL - All Purpose Odor Eliminator, Cleaner and Stain Remover

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest; keep reading Mad About Pets for pet news, reviews, contests and more!

Camp Pawprint day camp sign-up open today

Monday, February 1, 2010 Comments

From the Dane County Humane Society:

Camp Pawprint is a series of week-long day camps held at Dane County Humane Society. Campers ages 7 to 15 enjoy animal-related lessons and activities while having fun with other animal lovers! Activities include humane education lessons, critter projects, group games, and daily presentations from local animal experts. All campers spend time interacting with our camp animals and getting hands-on experience providing daily care and socialization. Animals used in the camp program vary daily and are approved by our behavior department.

Each week of Camp Pawprint has a different age group and theme. Activities, lessons, and visitors vary for each theme, but every week includes animal care and interaction, arts and crafts, and Friday afternoon horseback riding.

Registration opens February 1, 2010. Spots are limited and fill quickly so don't forget to register early!

For more information on Camp Pawprint click here.

Looking for something to do over spring break? Check out Club Whiskers!

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