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Review of Mr.Chewy

Monday, February 20, 2012 Comments

Living in the Madison area, I am fortunate to have access to a number of really great pet food suppliers like Mounds, Bad Dog Frida, Tabby and Jacks, etc. and have no trouble finding high-quality food for my pets. It wasn’t always that easy, though. I used to live in a rural community in northern Wisconsin, where the nearest shopping outlets are at least a 20 minute drive away. Even after embarking on the 20 minute drive, Wal-Mart, grocery stores and other mass merchandisers are really the only convenient places to purchase pet food for residents in that area. That’s where great online retailers like Mr. Chewy come in handy!

I recently had the chance to try out the pet food website Mr.Chewy. They carry pretty much every brand of pet food imaginable, including the many popular holistic, grain-free, and other specialty foods popular with modern pet owners. They also carry other essentials like treats, cat litter and flea and tick medications.

Mr. Chewy makes it easy for people like those in my rural hometown to have access to all of the great pet products we take for granted here in larger communities. The prices on Mr. Chewy are really great, and shipping is free for orders over $49. And shipping is FAST! I received my order 2 days after I placed it. The website is also easy to navigate and order from, so it’s a great option for busy pet owners who don’t always have the time to get to the store.

I’d definitely recommend Mr. Chewy for your pet’s nutritional needs; I had a great experience ordering from them.

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