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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vote for Critter Camp in Chase's charitable giving giveaway! Click here---> bit.ly/Qez0IZ

Critter Camp is an exotic animal rescue in northern Illinois that gives abused, abandoned and neglected exotic animals a place to call home. Owner and operator Beth Randall pours her heart and soul into this rescue, as you can see by the interview Mad About Pets did with her a while back.

It takes just 2 seconds to vote, and could make all the difference for this great rescue! If you can share the voting link and get just one other person to vote, you will also get a bonus vote. If you're a Chase cardholder--even better! You get 2 extra votes!

Thank you for your help from Mad About Pets, Beth Randall, and the hundreds of exotic pets saved by Critter Camp every year!

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