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Notables artists in the world of wildlife decor

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For lovers of nature and wildlife, wildlife home décor can be a great way to bring the majesty of the outdoors to the comfort of indoors. While a bearskin rug or a mounted sheep’s head may not be the sort of style you’re going for, there are plenty of decorating ideas that incorporate wildlife and bring elegance to the home. Here are a few artists and companies who are notable trendsetters in wildlife décor and design:

Lorraine Coyle

Lorraine Coyle is the artist behind Evergreen Crystal. She brings her love for wildlife to vivid, sparkling life in her work on crystal and glass. Her etched glasswork is the perfect display item or functional piece for use in a home-bar; from shot glasses to wine decanters, Evergreen Crystal is gorgeous glasswork.

Nancy Weimer Belden

Nancy Weimer Belden is a sculptor specializing in horses. Her statues and lamp bases are incredibly detailed and lifelike, and cast in resin or bronze. Nancy sculpts horses of all breeds, and has a true talent for capturing the natural beauty and elegance of equines in her work. All of Nancy Weimer Belden’s sculptures are crafted by artisans in the United States

Robert Hall Parry

Robert Hall Parry (of Robert Hall Originals) uses the unique medium of pewter for his art. In fact, he is a Master Pewtersmith (one of the few in his native Canada). Robert has a variety of décor items available from picture frames to wall hangings, all gracefully presented with the soft yet detailed look of pewter. Every piece is hand-cleaned and hand-buffed to further accentuate the beauty of the pewter.

Kingspoint Design

If you’re into bright colors, Kingspoint Design and their vividly enameled figurine boxes will be right up your alley! Each figurine box is not only a gorgeous sculpture, but a functional box for storage of small items like jewelry. For dog lovers, many different breeds of dogs are available in Kingspoint’s collections. However, many species of wildlife are also represented including horses, polar bears, and other Arctic wildlife. To add even extra bling to the pearlized enamel, every figurine box is accented with Swarovski Crystals. Kingspoint Design also offers matching jewelry sets.

Bow River

Okay, okay…so Bow River’s gifts don’t quite count as “home décor”. I can’t help it, I still had to share! Bow River creates adorable custom jewelry sure to delight any horse fanatic. Bow River uses talented carvers to create intricate, delicate charms like horseshoes and horse silhouettes in gold, white gold, and sterling silver. In addition to necklaces, Bow River offers rings, earrings, and other jewelry accented with sparkling diamonds.

Trail of Painted Ponies

Much like Kingspoint Design, Trail of Painted Ponies is all about bold, bright colors. As the name would indicate, Trail of Painted Ponies specializes in three-dimensional horse statuettes and ornaments. Far from the realism portrayed by some other makers, these statues and ornaments are often whimsically decorated with swirling, lively, fun designs. For horse fanatics, it will be hard to pick which one is your favorite!  

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