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Photo left: Stephanie Sherlund
Comedy and cats--two of Mad About Pets favorite things, together at last! Madison's Cat Care Clinic is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a comedy extravaganza, all to benefit the friendly felines of Dane County Humane Society. "Stand-Up for Cats" is an all-ages comedy show going on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. at the High Noon Saloon in Madison and featuring some of the area's best comedians. Event organizer and Madison's best female comedian Stephanie Sherlund was kind enough to give Mad About Pets an exclusive interview about this great event:

(Mad About Pets) How did the idea of Stand-Up for Cats come about?

(Stephanie Sherlund) Cat Care Clinic is celebrating our 25th year of providing expert care for cats and the people that love them. With our anniversary, we wanted to do some outreach to the community. We have been helping other organizations with providing professional dental treatments to adoptable cats at Dane County Humane Society and also helping Friends of Ferals to adopt out kitties. I  have been involved in the Madison Stand-Up Comedy scene for a couple years and thought it the perfect opportunity to put on a show the whole family can enjoy while raising funds to help all the kitties at Dane County Humane Society.

What kind of comedy can people expect to see at this event?

The event is for kids of all ages. While most comedy events tend to steer toward an adult audience, this event is going to be light-hearted, goofy and clean. We have also for our anniversary been working events at the DCHS such as Catapalooza and Kids Extravaganza!

Can you tell us a little about the performers at Stand-Up for Cats?

I hand selected each comedian performing at the event; we are all great friends and mesh really well as comedians and friends. I chose comedians I believe would work well for a family-friendly audience and of course my fellow feline lovers! Alan Talaga is a local talk-show host who holds The Dan Potacke Show monthly at The Frequency and is also a co-writer for Off the Square comic strip featured in The Isthmus. He jumped at the chance to be involved with anything cat-related. Ryan Casey originates from Richmond, Virginia but has been gracing the Madison comedy scene for the past couple of years and we’re glad to have him—he came in third at Madison’s Funniest Comic 2012! Adam Waldron is not only the artist who came up with our wonderful flier idea-- he is also a long-standing Midwest comedian with a child-like spirit that kids and adults alike can relate to. Aaron Quinn is a Madison Comedy native, though he hasn’t been on stage for a couple years; he is making his triumphant and much anticipated return to help us “Stand Up for Cats”. Nate Bjork, the event headliner, is not only a great comedian, but the proud father of two wonderful kitties—his humor is goofy and fun for the whole audience!

Besides comedy, are there other activities at the fundraiser?

We will be doing the stand-up event, of course, and between comedians we will be giving away our raffle prizes. Tickets for our raffle tickets will be $4 a piece or 3 for $10, 6 for $20. We have various prizes to be given away and the guests will get to decide what they opt in to win. Our prizes have been donated by local businesses and vary from hotel stays to Ale Asylum beer/t-shirt, Food Fight gift certificates, Avid Microchips for your kitty, Milio's gift certificates, gift baskets with many cat related prizes and many more great donations! Cat Care Clinic will be giving away TWO Adult Wellness Packages which include an exam, bloodwork, urinalysis and 6-month supply of Revolution parasite preventative! We will also donate a behavioral consultation with the founder of the Cat Care Clinic, world renowned feline behavior specialist, Dr. Ilona Rodan!

In addition to our great prizes given between comics you can also get a drink at the bar at our venue, High Noon Saloon, which so graciously donated the space for our event and we will have some desserts out for our guests!

How will the proceeds from Stand-Up for Cats be used?

Unlike a generic donation to the Dane County Humane Society, all of our proceeds go to benefit DCHS’s Feline Friends division. We have been fortunate to have every aspect of our event donated either by local businesses or Cat Care Clinic itself, meaning every single raffle ticket price will go to the kitties at the shelter. Feline Friends donations go to pay for all the food, litter, bedding, medical supplies, vaccinations, microchips, toys, etc.

Check out the Stand-Up for Cats event on Facebook for more information! Hope to see you there :)

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